We recognize that every client has unique needs depending on their current growth trajectory, team structure, and many other variables. For that reason, PTF functions more as partner with your brand rather than just an agency.

Our goal is to grow with your brand, and tailor our offering to the evolving needs of your business - when you succeed, is when we succeed. For that reason, all our services are offered a la carte, or on a project basis - this way you test our offering without any long-term binding contract.

We want to continue to earn your business.  


website development + optimization

Our recognize how complicated, frustrating and let's face it - expensive - technical builds can be. There's all this technical jargon thrown at you and your first instinct is to go running for the hills. WE HEAR YOU.

Here's our promise to you:

1) We will spend time learning about your business and it's unique needs, both today and in the next 3-5 years. 

2) We will walk you through (in very understandable terms) what our thought process/build strategy is and how we are planning to service your development needs. 

3) We promise to translate the jargon and walk you through everything so that you can make informed decisions together with our experts about your build. 

Important note: we do not have exclusive agreements with platform providers, and will always keep it that way. This allows all our platform and development decisions to be made in our client's best interests. 


E-commerce Management

Our founder comes from over a decade of experience building, growing and evolving e-commerce sites for brands. Her unique approach to branding, user experience design and quantitative analysis of your metrics is everything you need to super charge your direct-to-consumer business. 

branding + logo design

Whether it's a full branding build that includes all the variations or just a simple logo needed for a new product or service, we would love to bring your visual to life. We will go through rigorous research, design and review to make your brand logo tell the exact story you intend to share with the world.


photography + copywriting

A picture is worth a thousand words. Let our expert team of photographers, videographers, editors and re-touchers tell your visual brand story in a way that makes your product/service stand out from your competition. 

...or you can allow our witty, stylish copywriters work their magic.

social media + influencer marketing management

Connected to our amazing photography team, is a small group social media ninjas who will use their amazing powers (we still don't really know how they do it) to make your feed look best-in-class, and boost the right posts to the right demographic to make an impact. 

Leverage our relationships with influencers - from huge stars to niche/micro influencers to get your products seen by the target audience.